1xbet sports betting in Germany – 1xBet and the subject of betting options, Betting programs and Besonderheitenage

1XBET Betting

The quickly recognizable 1xBet is designed for the Asian market. Then an offer for Extra bets appeared and was clearly in Chinese. even those, select the German, see strange expressions and typos. It creates not really trust.

Welcome Bonus

You can on Europe but rely mainly on Asian pattern. The sports selection is huge, but many are ignored. So there is a particular focus on football, Basketball, ice Hockey, Tennis and so on. A special feature is, that it is called with 1xBet also e-sports program. In terms of licenses must be shown again, that those from the Caribbean (from the island of Curacao) come and is not considered in Europe in general as a positive sign.


1xBet Bonus 130 €

In comparison of sports betting has 1xBet very good job. Bets have one of the largest portfolios in terms of sports and betting depth. Everyone can find something! In addition, we have found, that 1xBet can not provide opportunities and has a very good chance key, which is very high at football betting course.

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Bonus: 200%

Football is one of the major sports betting. You can use all the big clubs and tournaments in the world. 1xBet focuses not only on men's soccer, but also offers numerous betting tips for women's football! This is another highlight. The German football it is possible, on the first and second league, to set the Regional and the Oberliga.

In our 1xBet experience you can in every Bundesliga game 1.000 Select race options. In addition to classic betting markets are also Asian Handicaps, Target Bets, Yellow and red cards, Corner Bets, part time- and Final bets available. In addition, there are many special bets as “Which leg achieved the goal”, there is “headers” or “If the first goal is scored”. In addition, you can access players', Dismissal- set and trainer decisions. Everything is on sale. Therefore, we recommend that all football fans, to register for 1xBet.

1xbet betting tax

1x Betting Returns – there are additional betting duties?

For 1xBet customers from Germany, complete the Betting, they must not tax of 5% numbers. This is probably because, that this bet in this country is not well known. Because it looks so, as if it were a reputable company. Of course, this scheme has many advantages for customers. Who has commanded diligently, will save a lot of money in the long run. The only increases, if every bet 5% will be added.

1xbet Germany

And if the profit 5% brings more, they pay less tax than usual. It is necessary to remember. When it comes to the cost, you must also deposit- Check and unloading sites. It is very well stocked with this sports betting operators from Russia. They found an option, whose names you might have never heard. Whatever it is, there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals. This also applies to 1xBet.

1xBet and subject to betting tax

It is known that there are different ways, deal as betting provider on the Internet with the usual taxes in Germany. At least 1xBet is a bet without betting tax 5%. That sounds pretty good, and of course the weather promises.

However, if you deal in more detail with this website, there are doubts, if everything is OK. There are at least by law doubts about the prescribed tax in Germany. No, there is, even if one or the other, they may look different, in Germany there is no legal Zone.

1XBET Betting

The weather in Germany must also 5% pay per bet. With any luck, this will be taken over by the bookies. At least if he is legally.

However, if 1xBet has a head office in the Caribbean and the tax issue for German customers more or less ignored, can not be assumed, that this is paid to the German state. This can happen naturally, but the 1xBet offer has very different target groups, For example, in Asia. be because some German customers do not have much relevance. It's all just a guess.


The 1xBet bonus for new customers currently consists of a 100% owned betting bonus of up to 130 €. In the bonus bonus comparison, a 1xBet bonus is good. For premium luxury secures first to 200 Euro. This is not a bad start.

You can open up a bonus without the 1xBet bonus code. You only need an initial deposit of at least 10 active US dollars. Our experience 1xBet, after you are allowed to use all payment. Fair bonus conditions. Because the minimum quota 1,40 is and you need to convert the bonus amount in sports betting only five times.

At a maximum bonus 130 Euro are there 500 Euro. Bets do not specify a specific time slot! So you can spend time, to play free games. In addition, there are no restrictions on betting markets or sports.

1xBet Bonus 130 €

The only disadvantage, if you can call it a weakness, is, that only a combined use of at least three station wagon for the premium can be used. However, this is not too difficult for different sports betting options.

The welcome bonus can as usual only once per customer, family, Address, Computer, IP Address, Bank account and credit card use. Before a payment is possible, You must confirm your identity with a valid ID. Through our link you immediately get this new customer promotion. In our 1xBet test we give 9 from 10 points. We recommend Premium- to bet and pro-novice alike.

Conclusion for 1xBet betting

1xBet Bonus 130 €

With a clear conscience provider of 1xBet bets can not be recommended. This has many different reasons. Caribbean licenses are important, a dubious focus on the weather from Asia is another. This could be a good opportunity, to get a German customer money and of course to save money, Finally 1xBet one bookmaker without 5% Taxes.

But that's all the advantages, then nothing. It is simply not a good idea, to open the 1xBet site for the first time, to select German and then read strange typo.

If you click on this program, have you suddenly an English sentence or even a Chinese character in his face – the last will be read by anyone. And who knows, If you, if you win, really get your money.